Software Development

I provide services for the complete software development process from planning, implementation, testing, installation to maintenance.

You have an idea.
I turn it into a complete software product.

Programming Languages

In-depth experience acquired over several years with Java and C++ enables me to offer a wide field of specialities using these programming languages,
the most important of them provided in the list below.

Java (Versions 4, 5, 6 and 7)

  • Standalone applications (including JavaEE)
  • Web-based applications based on JavaEE for various application servers (Glassfish, JBoss, WebSphere, Tomcat, ...) utilizing JSP, JSF, Richfaces
  • XML processing with JAXB, Xerces, Xalan, ...
  • Imaging, Graphics und Media processing with ImageJ, Java3D, JMF, FMJ, OpenGL ...
  • Network applications: Sockets (plain and secure), HTTP, SOAP, ...
  • Healthcare IT: DICOM and HL7 with dcm4che, dcm4che2 and HAPI
  • Custom algorithms and libraries
  • SQL Databases with JDBC and Hibernate

C++ (on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, ..)

  • Standalone applications
  • Graphics processing: Custom algorithms, vtk, itk, OpenGL, OpenInventor


Healthcare IT

  • DICOM Standard 3.0 in compliancie with IHE recommendations
  • HL7 Standard in compliancie with IHE recommendations
  • Extensions for dcm4chee (java-based PACS archive)

Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization

  • Information Visuallization
  • Scientific Visualization