DICOM Repair

DICOM is a very complex standard for storing and exchanging medical data. It allows to store data in many different ways.
During the last 25 years an innumerable number of DICOM data generating entities produced
DICOM data according to different evolutions of the standard. Some of them unfortunately
generated data containing errors and may cause problems when processed or used with tools of
other vendors. In other cases data can be damaged during data transfer or when its storage media is damaged.
Also logical errors in software can cause data damage.

We provide DICOM repair services fixing following issues:

  • Structural repair of physically and logically damaged DICOM objects (damaged storage media or bad data transfer)
  • Lost VR (Value representation) for private tags or newer dicom tags after using Implicit VR Little Endian Transfer Syntax.
  • Fix of logical errors.
  • Wrong Transfer Syntax
  • Incorrect Length, Encoding and VR
  • Charset issues.
  • Conversion from NEMA 1.0 or 2.0 to DICOM 3.0
  • Correction of UID Issues (e.g. using same SOP Instance UID in different studies or series)
  • Multiframe with inconsistent number of frames.
  • Merging and spliting of patients/studies/series.

How to send data to repair ?

  • Provide remote access to a windows or linux computer with fast access to the affected data.
  • In-house: Send in data on harddisk, tape, CD, DVD, ....


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